Back in Miami | The Thomson Travels

Hello Friends! This past week we headed down south to sunny and might I add always hot, Miami. This is our first time back since we moved up to Rochester in June. We are here for the Christmas Holiday and we have so many plans, people we want to see and most importantly food weContinue reading “Back in Miami | The Thomson Travels”

Mix Book Experience

As some of you may already know I take many pictures, SO MANY. I focus on the most memorable occasions, moments, expressions and laughs. Though food is pretty up there. Anyhow, my honeymoon was no exception. On our trip to Japan, my husband and I’s camera roll was so full after we got back fromContinue reading “Mix Book Experience”

Fresh start!

Hi friends! This is my latest and greatest! Not only for my blog but in my life. I’m hoping that even though it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve tried to start and attempted a few goals this year, I should really set my mind on one obtainable one. Regardless of circumstances. ThisContinue reading “Fresh start!”