Chickpea Patties

Lately I’ve been a huge fan of chickpea patties. It’s an easy vegetarian meal that is low in calories and is super tasty! Through trial and error I came up with a recipe that is not only flavorful and moist, it leaves your patties with an almost crispy crust. YUM! P.S. no blender or foodContinue reading “Chickpea Patties”

Guac is Life!

Raise your hand if you LOVE GUAC!!! I actutally don’t like guaca OR avocados. OOPS… Officially shunned. Despite that according to my husband I do make a pretty mean guac! (he might be biased though) Here are the THINGS YOU’LL NEED to make my guacamole recipe with some pictures included. 1-2 Hass avocados (on theContinue reading “Guac is Life!”

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s already Tuesday!! Happy December 11th, time is ticking on the present buying ahhh but you know what is the easiest to gift??? BAKED GOODS! Yesterday I made some really yummy chocolate chip cookies and I’m here to share the recipe with you all! I hope you enjoy making these and eating them as muchContinue reading “My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies”