Sausage Gravy using Almond Milk Recipe

Ingredients 1 Jimmy Dean Ground Sausage (I use the HOT) i don’t have to season it, just cook it. 2-3 cups Almond Milk — I’ve linked our favorite but you can use any. 2-3 tbsp flour Directions: Preheat a large frying pan over medium heat. Add sausage, and start crumbling it up. I use aContinue reading “Sausage Gravy using Almond Milk Recipe”

Dates and stuff | Married Life

Lately it’s felt like life has been non-stop, mostly because work can consume us both. It’s easy to forget about the small intimate moments that need to be shared without technology getting in the way (btw I’m all for tech but we need to give it breaks) At night I tend to drown away watchingContinue reading “Dates and stuff | Married Life”