Sideburn Removal: What I Use

I finally got around to making this video!


Sideburn Removal Tutorial – No Shave/No Wax

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Easy to Follow: Holiday Cookies

Hi guys!

I know I’ve been a bit lost! School kind of absorbs me and my laptop has been broken, so no recent video edits.

However I hadn’t posted the last few views I made! For all my baking enthusiasts, here is a recipe you will love!

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Getting Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

A hairy situation (ZAP)!

Side note: School has caught up but I want to take the time to write about my Laser Hair removal experience! Now I want to start with the basics.

The reason I considered laser hair removal was.. well.. I dislike hair that shouldn’t be there (or at least I feel shouldn’t be).

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Learning 한글 (Korean)

Where do I start?
I’m almost done with Uni course work and I decide it would be a great idea to take a Korean language course.

I would love to go teach in South Korea! I figured I could start getting to know the culture and the language before taking on that journey.

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Skyla IUD Review & Experience

Back in February 2015 I decided I would change up the method I used for birth control and switched to the Skyla IUD. Prior to this decision, I had been using Yasmin. It worked relatively well for me and that’s why I hadn’t changed it for 3 years.

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