The KonMari Craze

Working on getting rid of the old, and spending less. Little by little. I think I’m obsessed but anyway way overdue post I’ve been doing this for 2 years now. Last year was full of expenses. It’s expected since we moved to another state. Every year that my husband and I move to a newContinue reading “The KonMari Craze”

Low Waste Living Tips | Lifestyle

The truth is, it’s totally okay to not be 100% Waste Free living. Don’t give up just because you don’t have everything perfect. It’s actually a lot of work and takes so much dedication but there’s lots you CAN do that is totally possible. Here are a few tips to get into the lifestyle littleContinue reading “Low Waste Living Tips | Lifestyle”

Cantaloupe-Orange Smoothie | Healthy Fruit Drink

This is drink grandma would make for us growing up. I’m so glad I’m able to really make it my own with these specific ratios. Spoiler: You’ll just need fruits. 🍊🍈 Ingredients: For a single serving I use the following: 4.5 oz of freshly squeezed orange juice 6-7 chunks of Cantaloupe Cup of ice cubesContinue reading “Cantaloupe-Orange Smoothie | Healthy Fruit Drink”

Our First Anniversary | Married Life

This is our first wedding anniversary and our fourth together anniversary!!! We spent it in Miami so we were a bit limited to coming up and planning something to do, especially this time of year. The holidays are insane. We decided we would do something special when we got back home to Rochester. But IContinue reading “Our First Anniversary | Married Life”

That’s a Wrap

Happy New Year Everyone, IT’S 2019 (almost). By now you have already celebrated the New Year or you are well on your way to doing so! With the year closing, I felt it appropriate to make an end of the year post! Not only am I thankful for all the opportunities we’ve had this yearContinue reading “That’s a Wrap”

The Holidays| Married Life

It’s Monday— and I’m finding it harder to post on Sunday since it feels more like a family day. So here is my Sunday/Monday post!!! Splitting the Holidays Yup, this one is about family, the holidays and time. Precious time.        I feel as though this can be one of the happiest, yetContinue reading “The Holidays| Married Life”

Playlist for the Holiday Season

  Woohoo it’s Friday! Also the 14th day of December. With the holidays here (the winter holidays that is) , I figured what better time to share my favorite albums/songs to play at home for ambiance and for special occasions such as dinners, hanging with friends or simply rocking around the tree. Can you tell I celebrateContinue reading “Playlist for the Holiday Season”

Dates and stuff | Married Life

Lately it’s felt like life has been non-stop, mostly because work can consume us both. It’s easy to forget about the small intimate moments that need to be shared without technology getting in the way (btw I’m all for tech but we need to give it breaks) At night I tend to drown away watchingContinue reading “Dates and stuff | Married Life”