My Top 5 Amazon Purchases – For the Home

I buy several items in a combination of stores and surely these can be found at other stores as well but for the sake of keeping this post accessible to everyone,everywhere. These are items that can ALL be found on AMAZON. (NOT SPONSORED)

Interview with Jackie | millennialmama

This interview is with a mommy I’m pleased to say I also personally know. When I taught middle school she had also been teaching at that school from the year prior. She actually found out she was pregnant when she got the job! Her first year teaching middle school was also during her first pregnancy.Continue reading “Interview with Jackie | millennialmama”

Interview with Nathaly | #millennialmama

Hello friends, especially you MAMA! I want to preface the start of this series by thanking all the mama’s that have taken the time to share their experiences! It is because of you and your honesty that other moms feel that they are not alone on this journey of motherhood. What is your name? MyContinue reading “Interview with Nathaly | #millennialmama”

Cantaloupe-Orange Smoothie | Healthy Fruit Drink

This is drink grandma would make for us growing up. I’m so glad I’m able to really make it my own with these specific ratios. Spoiler: You’ll just need fruits. 🍊🍈 Ingredients: For a single serving I use the following: 4.5 oz of freshly squeezed orange juice 6-7 chunks of Cantaloupe Cup of ice cubesContinue reading “Cantaloupe-Orange Smoothie | Healthy Fruit Drink”

HTML/CSS | Nightly Coding

So where have I been? Sitting at my desk most nights learning. Aside from the mid-day 5×5 Training (which I can totally do a post on that if you’re curious). Lately I’ve been taking 2-3 (some nights more) hours a day to learn what there is to know in Front End Development. I’m using variousContinue reading “HTML/CSS | Nightly Coding”

Our First Anniversary | Married Life

This is our first wedding anniversary and our fourth together anniversary!!! We spent it in Miami so we were a bit limited to coming up and planning something to do, especially this time of year. The holidays are insane. We decided we would do something special when we got back home to Rochester. But IContinue reading “Our First Anniversary | Married Life”

That’s a Wrap

Happy New Year Everyone, IT’S 2019 (almost). By now you have already celebrated the New Year or you are well on your way to doing so! With the year closing, I felt it appropriate to make an end of the year post! Not only am I thankful for all the opportunities we’ve had this yearContinue reading “That’s a Wrap”