a b o u t


Hello new and old friends,

I suppose I’ve never truly written an about on my blog. I think it suits it now that I’ve started this one up again. Having changed the name and with a clearer goal in mind.

Honestly, it feels nice and exciting to really get my words out.

So many times I’ve tried to start a blog or anything close to a blog (wix, Tumblr, previous WordPress site) but always felt defeated by the lack of perfection.

In recent years my life has changed so much and thanks to my husband (here’s your credit baby) I’ve been able to feel more comfortable with getting myself out there.

So here I am, starting fresh. With some posts that I posted a few years back as memories of where I began and later picked up.

Now where did A New Kind of Thomson come from?

Well my marriage essentially. When getting married I wanted to pick out a hashtag and this one made the most sense. #anewkindofthomson.

Prior to getting married my husband for a while didn’t know if he wanted to keep his or his korean last name. Long story short he kept his last name but I decided that it would have little connection to where it originated and more so what we make of it.

And so was born our wedding hashtag and A New Kind of Thomson ( The Thomson’s Est. 2017)

But enough about that!

This is an about me, right?

My name is Karina, I currently call Rochester home. My home consists of my husband and our kitty, Shadow. I miss my family like crazy so thank goodness for WhatsApp, FaceTime and Google duo. I have my own photography site where I have previously done photo shoots. I love wedding photography and in home sessions that help me capture raw emotions and smiley eyes. I’m an avid Yelper (I swear I can’t help it) and can be really (sometimes too) honest with my reviews. But hey! I tell it like it is. (#sorrynotsorry?)

I’ve always been a creative mind, and I’ve used most of the creativity at home or at school where I work. I’ve been a teacher for the past 3 years and hope to venture into the field of instructional design. Combining two of my favorite things. Design and education.

I hope to use this blog as a platform to grow as a person and share my journey into deep adulting. I want this to be a place to let out all those thoughts that yell to come out. But also share the amazing things I wish others knew.

Have a follow, be a friend. See what you discover.

See you around and thanks for stopping by,