Accepted to Grad School!!

This past August I was accepted into Purdue University’s Graduate school program. I went through the entire admissions process and had my classes pick out and everything. I had researched extensively and landed on Purdue because of what this Master’s degree would do for me. I mean it’s Purdue, the man who went to the moon also went to Purdue. (But I’m not about to debate that….)

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I was supposed to start in the Fall of 2019 but during this time I was blessed to have just recently started a new job as an Instructional Designer – which is exactly what I was looking for! AND we had just closed on our house. Thank you baby Jesus.

Needless to say, I didn’t start school in the Fall… I post poned for the Spring of 2020 because well…. let’s just say our house is STILL under construction.

It is now the Spring of 2020 and I have just withdrawn from the program… Literally 3 days in…..

I think that while I was searching to further my education and still didn’t really know what to do, I convinced myself so hard that I needed to have my Masters degree in instructional design because of a single good experience in that industry and knowing that my undergrad was education and I had the skills to pursue it. WHY NOT?

I felt that I needed this degree to have some worth in the industry and so people wouldn’t look at me and think… but she’s so young.… or she doesn’t have enough experience.

I was SO blinded by the very fact that I would be getting a degree in something that ultimately didn’t want a career in, just wanted it to make money but would not fulfill me. Though I thought it would. OH TRUST ME! I completely led myself to believe that this was exactly what I wanted, what I NEEDED.

REMEMBER! Just because you are good at something does mean you have to or are meant to do it.

Hear me out, this is not the same as giving up. Like many other people out there, especially women, I am multi-talented and super driven to learn more. So I said well let’ go for it, I can do it and I want to do it, so let’s just do it. 

Wrong. Getting my master’s in this field would be my fall back plan (a $30,000–fall back plan may I add) it would be the very thing that I would be wasting my time on….but at the end of it all I would have my Master’s degree, right? It would make me more marketable in the industry, right?

I mean who knows… But at this very moment in my life do I want to spend my time doing that, or do I want to start investing time and let’s just say it… some money on the things I enjoy doing.


God has brought my family and I so many blessings this year, SO MANY which is probably why I no longer feel the pressure to do this at this time. I may perhaps feel better about getting another degree in the future and a different program but at this moment, and in my heart , I just want to do what I love which is to create.

What’s the lesson here? If you aren’t completely sure that you want to go for a graduate degree — especially because the program is no longer what you’re interested in, don’t do it. NOT YET. This is easier said than done, trust me.


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