Choose Healthy & Shop Smart – Grocery Edition

When my now Husband and I started dating and didn’t live together we would go on grocery trips together. From very early on I went to his apartment and would cook us dinner after work (I was 21 and learning how to make meals). I would also prep lunch for the week. This obviously became easier once we moved in together and just shared our meals and daily life.

We always tried to purchase efficiently but would end up buying in bulk and some food would go bad since it was just two of us and we couldn’t possibly eat that much.

We would purchase most of our food at BJ’s with some coupons or Please and take advantage of deals.

We would buy our frozen veggies at BJ’s and rarely ever buy fruits since those would go bad too quickly.

Fast forward to now. We no longer buy in bulk unless it’s food we can freeze or non-perishable items.

We try to waste the least amount of food and eat healthier rather than cheaper.

So how do I try my best to shop smart? Save the most?

I shop at various different locations depending on their deals and availability of products. I also use the fooducate app to help me make better health conscious decision. You won’t imagine the stuff that is some ‘organic’ or ‘healthy’ items. It’s always better to double check.

Yes, sometimes that means three different stops for groceries.

Luckily, all three of my stops are in a 5 mile radius of each other.

Walmart, and Wegmans are my go to locations for weekly groceries (Occasionally BJ’s but not as frequently anymore since it’s a bit further out). Oh and don’t underestimate Aldi.

If I want a specific organic or vegan type brand Target usually has it is Wegmans doesn’t carry it.

Anyway! That’s my ramble. Hope this helped and know that shopping at multiple spots for the best quality AND deal isn’t crazy.

Comment to let me know if you’d like me to do a blog on the groceries I purchase, I’d love to do one if you’re curious.

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