The KonMari Craze

Working on getting rid of the old, and spending less. Little by little. I think I’m obsessed but anyway way overdue post I’ve been doing this for 2 years now.

Last year was full of expenses. It’s expected since we moved to another state. Every year that my husband and I move to a new apartment we get rid of old furniture, clothes and basically anything we realized we didn’t use the whole year. There are the sentimental items that we don’t use but do keep but that’s another topic. I’m sure we will get rid of more when we move to a house.

Back in 2016, I purchased the audibook by the now famous Marie Kondo. She is all the rage these days it seems (thanks Netflix!) Though the book had been out since late 2011, I didn’t come across to knowing of it until much later. We were at our 2nd apartment together and so it began.

Queue the gilmore girls reference to marie kondo

Related image




Oh MY!

NOW we are almost in our serene and perfectly organized home. Ahhhhh.


Let me know if you’d like to know more on how I’ve organized our home and how I’m planning to continue a clutter free lifestyle.

Until next time,


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