Instagram hiatus

Obsessed with checking my email. Opening and closing Instagram to do the exact same thing each time.

It’s all a waste of time. Unfortunately, I fell victim.

I realized the only way I could stop was to deactivate for sometime. Late April I did just that.

Currently it’s been a little over a month. It’s been a pretty good month. I’ve been sleeping better, more productive and I’ve stopped comparing myself as much to others and things I see online.

In this time, I’ve found that no one really missed me being away, nor did they question my absence. I mean they have my phone number, they also have some other way to contact me but they haven’t bothered to reach out–not including my mom asking what happened to my account she noticed pretty early since she uses it to check up on any life updates of ours since we live away. We talk every week either way.

Anyway, that’s been the social aspect of my time away from Instagram. Will anyone really notice or care?

It doesn’t really bother me but it’s a worthy observation for those that think they HAVE to post or are EXPECTED to post.

Don’t worry. You aren’t.

Unless Instagram is your job. It wasn’t my job but it almost felt like it.

I’m doing well, and still job searching. I don’t have a return date for instagram and I’m working on my mindfulness. I want to be the best version of myself and I believe that’s yet to come.

This time has taught me to enjoy more moments and that what I capture in those moments doesn’t need to be shared with strangers. Those who care will reach out, those who matter will ask.

I’m blogging this to document my thoughts and also share what I’m going through, someone else might be going through the same.

Thanks for reading,


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