Low Waste Living Tips | Lifestyle

The truth is, it’s totally okay to not be 100% Waste Free living. Don’t give up just because you don’t have everything perfect.

It’s actually a lot of work and takes so much dedication but there’s lots you CAN do that is totally possible.

Here are a few tips to get into the lifestyle little by little.

Think of things that you buy or end up with that you usually end up tossing anyway.

Okay, what did you come up with?

I came up with zip lock baggies, plastic bags, product bags, plastic straws, water bottles etc.

Don’t get overwhelmed, this takes time and sometimes that extra money. 

Here’s a list of things that we do in our household to be as Waste Free as possible(it’s a work in progress):

  • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE—- If you drink a lot of water like I do and HAVE to take it everywhere, buy yourself a thermos or water bottle that you can refill. –this can also go for coffee lovers. My husband keeps a coffee mug at work in order to not use the cups that are thrown out.
  • We all do grocery shopping at some point and at some point end up with tons of plastic bags. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and buy some reusable bags–you can even get the insulated kind for your cold stuff. These are easy to find and not at all expensive (TJ Maxx and Home Good usually have the cutest kinds). If you do end up with tons of plastic bags every once in a while don’t worry, your local supermarket will usually know where you can recycle those instead of throwing them out in the trash.
  • PRODUCE BAGS — those useless little clear plastic baggies that are hard to really reuse. STOP USING THEM. Buy yourself some you can reuse and even wash. The ones I have pictured below are from Sandstone & Sage.1904-2019-0312549209142861493654.jpeg
  • RECYCLE or REUSE your cardboard boxes- cereal boxes can be broken down and recycled, if you order something online the box can typically be reused or recycled.
  • FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS- my husband and I meal prep for work and it was at some point easier to pack our food in those plastic container, too bad they did not last. We ended up tossing them one by one because they either got stained or warped or broke. Our household now only consists of glass containers with silicone lids. You can also use Mason Jars


This just means if it’s no longer serving the purpose it should be, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and toss it.

  • DRINKING STRAWS— We drink lots of fruit smoothies and when we do, we like to use straws. Now this was an issue because straws you usually can’t recycle them in your own home. So we would end up tossing them, what’s worse it sometimes they would go unused because maybe the straw had a small cut in it and it just didn’t work. So we bought these and we love them! Softy Straws
  • Reusable Kitchen Towels— for wiping down countertops and cleaning kitchen tops. FYI: We still use paper towels because some messes can cause stains but just use it less.
  • REUSABLE STORAGE BAGS– The silicone storage bags instead of using plastic storage bags that get tossed is a good way to go!

REMEMBER: We did not make these changes overnight, this is transitional and a process. We also aren’t trying to be wasteful, if we bought it and it’s still useful OR it’s still full of product we finish it up.

None of this is sponsored and all of this is my opinion on products I have personally purchased and used. Be sure to give them a try out and feel free to leave some comments on how YOU live a waste free life.



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