HTML/CSS | Nightly Coding

So where have I been?

Sitting at my desk most nights learning.

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Aside from the mid-day 5×5 Training (which I can totally do a post on that if you’re curious). Lately I’ve been taking 2-3 (some nights more) hours a day to learn what there is to know in Front End Development. I’m using various resources and keeping my head up on this. I really do take much pride in what I do and create.

Previously my go at this, this being programming, I was easily and quickly discourage by how difficult/challenging entering into the programming world can be. I’ve delved into programming many times (the wrong way if I might add) to come out disappointed in myself. In my inability to keep going and simply stick to it.

With the help of my husband and various awesome online resources (mainly FreeCodeCamp,W3 and KhanAcademy) I am able to do really get into it.

I started my learning about 3 weeks ago and So far I feel mostly comfortable with HTML and CSS.  I’m learning it’s okay to use external resources while putting a page together because you LITERALLY cannot memorize ever single thing. I’m sure once I get deeper into JavaScript which not going to lie is a bit on the tougher side for me I will feel like I can do more.

I just have to remember that:

  1. It takes time to learn something new
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself
  3. Progress is progress no matter how small.

This is all in hopes to find my career/job/ calling? Yea I know, what about the stay at home wife thing? Well I went over that in the Not Quite Stay at Home Wife Post.

Anyway, that was my update. I still love to have my blog so I hope you check up on me every once in a while for a new post.


2 thoughts on “HTML/CSS | Nightly Coding

    1. Hi Glen, it’s unrelated to the actual coding/ programming of this post. However, it’s to keep myself physically active, in short it’s strength training. Here’s a link to a better explanation of it×5/#gref. I haven’t made a post on this yet because I’ve just gotten back to it since February. But I might in the near future since I really enjoy using the app for training.


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