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Hello Friends!

This past week we headed down south to sunny and might I add always hot, Miami. This is our first time back since we moved up to Rochester in June. We are here for the Christmas Holiday and we have so many plans, people we want to see and most importantly food we want to eat!! The food here, we have missed it so much! So MUCH!

Rochester simply has not brought us this joy in food yet.

Image result for food gif yum pusheen

Here are some of our favorite food places that are also great for dates:

Image result for brio tuscan grille

Brio: We love this place so much we had our rehearsal dinner here. Cute and not too pricey. Desserts we love include tiramisu, and crème brûlée. —- IT was so busy we actually didn’t get a chance to eat here 😦

Image result for central park food station

Central Park Food Station: If you haven’t tried their Empanda de Pabellon — You haven’t lived.

Madroño Restaurant: Cute Nicaraguan restaurant with really delicious food!

Image result for menchies

Menchies: Now I know some other states and cities have Menchies but tell me how there are absolutely none in Rochester???

Hope you guys enjoy your holidays!!


The Thomson’s

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