Playlist for the Holiday Season

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Woohoo it’s Friday! Also the 14th day of December.

With the holidays here (the winter holidays that is) , I figured what better time to share my favorite albums/songs to play at home for ambiance and for special occasions such as dinners, hanging with friends or simply rocking around the tree. Can you tell I celebrate Christmas?

I’m also going to list some of my favorites from their particular album.

Image result for the christmas EP

The Christmas EP by Daniela Andrade:  I love her music!!!! Thank you for your voice girl!

Related image


Image result for nat king cole christmas song album cover

Image result for a jolly christmas from frank sinatra

Image result for pentatonix christmas album

Image result for josh groban christmas album

Specific songs linked below: I linked the artist and the song itself because I know there are tons of versions of the same song. These are my particular favs for each title. 

Thanks for coming in for a view! Hope you are able to listen to some of these recommendations.



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