Our Groomslady | Married Life

The term ‘groomslady’ never crossed my mind before wedding planning. I knew that I didn’t want the traditional number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. We just didn’t know enough people that we would truly want to stand by our side. For me it was an easy choice as I had my sisters be maid of honor and bridesmaid. My husband chose his best friend as his best man leaving a spot for a groomsman to balance both party sizes. We thought about this a lot. Our minds were socially set on a groomsmen traditionally being a guy.

However, when considering the people we wanted by our sides the day we got married there was just one other person my husband wanted there.


Back when my husband drank beer and they realized they found a friendship like no other haha (just kidding they’re just always silly unless it’s business)

This would be his long time friend/ work pal/boss, Christy. Christy is the the kind of person that sets foot in a room and you need to immediately connect with. She is truly a kind spirit with a warm heart, just don’t get on her bad side. She can be a fire cracker.

As my husband put it: “It felt like an obvious and natural choice for her to be with us when we got married. She’s very influential in my life (our life)” He then proceed by saying I don’t know. I’m not good at touchy feely things.

It’s really difficult coming across someone like her, someone genuine and willing to share herself with her friends.



We love you Christy. Thanks for being our groomslady ♥️

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