Spontaneous Trip to Canada | The Thomson Travels

This past weekend my family was supposed to come visit. Things didn’t turn out as planned and they didn’t end up making it. Had they arrived we would’ve shared the first snow fall in Rochester. I was kind of sad but I understand. That was Friday night.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and I woke up with an urge to do something different.

“Let’s go to Canada!” I booked a hotel with my Marriott app and we were off.

My husband and I drove the 3 hours to make it past the USA/Canada border.

Here are some pictures from our mini getaway. It wasn’t exactly as I remembered, Toronto was really crowded with lots of traffic. We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, Turkish place for dessert and a Korean restaurant for lunch the following day.


Passing the Canadian Border

Recommendations in Toronto:

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We are looking to go to Toronto to see the Christmas Markets.

What are some places you like to visit while in the Toronto area?

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