Report Cards — Why my post is late

It’s report card season and y’all, I’m just tired.

For any of my teacher readers/followers I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not just grades or feedback. You literally have to gather all the data and your memories to properly give EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of these kiddos as close to an accurate representation of their efforts and work in the classroom for the past 3 MONTHS. 

I wanted to come here and let you all know that I’m okay, alive, just tired. I missed my blog post on Tuesday because I’ve been caught up with work/life. So I’m TOTALLY looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend. My husband and I are headed to Virginia to visit his family for Thanksgiving (P.S. upcoming post on holiday/family time stay tuned).

With that said: I’m going to bed! But before I go you must know I love getting to know those of you who take the time to read these posts.

Here are some questions I would really enjoy reading your responses to.

 Where are you from?  What do you usually do on Thanksgiving? What FOOD do you eat?? 

Let me know! 

Happy Wednesday!


Karina 🙂 


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