Mix Book Experience

As some of you may already know I take many pictures, SO MANY. I focus on the most memorable occasions, moments, expressions and laughs. Though food is pretty up there. Anyhow, my honeymoon was no exception.

On our trip to Japan, my husband and I’s camera roll was so full after we got back from Japan we had to back it up on our Google Drive (thanks @google). Once back I had a compilation of honeymoon pictures and didn’t quite know what to do with them. I searched the web for albums, I searched for just simply having them printed at the print shop and placing them inside a nice box. BUT keeping them stored away for no one else to see was not an option.

In one of my searches I came across a company called MixBook. At the time they were running a 50% off special for all photo books. I took a quick look at the type of service they offered and I was hooked. I spend several hours editing my images on Adobe Lightroom so that they would all be uniformed for the upload on the MixBook Software. I later spent close to 6 hours straight putting together the album with the use of fonts, stickers and other customization features provided by MixBook.

Needless to say, my honeymoon photo book is my favorite photo book ever.


Just take a look at it below!

All of these were from the creation process.



mixbook pic

Below are pictures from the physical book! I made sure I picked the one that had the thicker pages.

I enjoyed creating this photo book so much that I’m looking to making some for my mother in-law and my mom,

Here is a link for you to save $20 on your first MixBook purchase.


Mixbook Photo co. (not sponsored)

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience and if you’ve also used mixbook!

Love, Karina

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