Kitchen Essentials

Happy Sunday friends,

Welcome to the Sunday Post, I’m excited because I’m sharing some background into my cooking world. For the most part, I do the cooking at home. Though my husband can definitely make some yummy food if I ask him to.

When we first started dating I had just turned 21, and wasn’t really big into the cooking life. I was making cake pops, and cookies and cakes GALORE. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning to make things but I didn’t really venture out into the cooking world until we met. He lived in a small space which we slowly worked into making a makeshift kitchen. The mother in me needed to make him food so that he wouldn’t be eating pizza or taco bell for dinner. HAHA

This is what our little space looked like then.

I didn’t live with him at the time but I was over at his place almost every night so we could have dinner together. There I was using what I had to make some of my very first meals. Can you spot the electric burner? Luckily he had that fridge. We (he) put up those shelves at my request.

Fast forward we are currently renting and luckily we’ve had some nice kitchens. It’s going to be a bit of challenge looking for a home with a kitchen that meets the expectations we have.

Anyway! Here are my top kitchen products and why (listed in no particular order).

Most used

Zojirushi 5-1/2-Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

When I first met my husband I was making rice in a pot. This is the way I had previously seen my grandma and mom do it and I was doing it too. However it was a pain in the BUTT! My husband had this rice maker the whole time but I was TOTALLY FOREIGN to me. LITERALLY this was a Japanese brand and I had no idea how to use it to make the rice as flavorful as I was used to making it. It wasn’t until we moved into our first apartment a year later that I decided what the heck, let’s try it (honestly I was sick and tired of having to scrape a pot with rice stuck on it.) Once I got the hang of this baby everything else was history. Yes it’s a pricey rice maker but it’s AWESOME!

Ninja Professional 1200W Kitchen System – BL685

This is one of the most recent purchases and I got it for a great deal at Kohls. We’ve never owned a food processor and our blender seemed like it was low on power and couldn’t take crushing ice of making fruit smoothies. I researched and researched and ended up with this great deal. Not only are the containers huge, it is SO POWERFUL.

Pyrex 10 Piece Ultimate Glass Lid Set – White

Tupperware in the house is a definite must but we have been weening ourselves out of the plastic ones for the GLASS ones. You guys! Don’t drop another penny on those plastic ones unless you want to just end up throwing it away. I like buying things knowing that they are going to last, A LONG TIME. There glasses Pyrex containers are amazing! Not only are they made easy to open because of how the lid is designed you can heat things, and store things in them, put them in the dishwasher and they will come out PERFECT!

Crock-Pot® 2qt Slow Cooker

This is also one of those products that I had never used before and was sort of abandoned in the kitchen. My husband actually had this before we met and would talk about how he would make pulled chicken. I never really paid attention to that because I’m not really a pulled chicken fan however, as I looked for recipes, there is so much more that can be made with this. I’ve made buffalo chicken dip, sweet barbecue chicken, shredded chicken for taco/ quesadillas etc. You literally just put everything inside and go.

I’ve include a picture of the Disney oven mitts I’ve been using and are currently my favorite. (got them at TJMaxx a few months ago and also the microwave food cover which we got a Bed Bath and Beyond)

If you have any questions about those products feel free to drop a comment!
Have you used any of these products? What was your experience?

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