The Shadow Story

My husband and I have had our bombay cat, Shadow, since 2015. He is our fur baby. We had only been dating for four months when we decided to ‘adopt‘ him.

I say ‘adopt’ because Shadow was one of five kitties that were abandoned. He was born in a friends backyard and the mother cat never returned. It was 2 days and the kitties were huddled and had no one to care for them.

She contacted me and asked if I’d like to have one. Of course I said yes but..

I asked my then boyfriend (now husband) if he thought it would be a good idea… I lived at home then and my mom was less than keen on having a kitty. BUT he said yes! So even though I was thinking of getting just one we got two! The other kitty’s name was Keira, sadly, his sibling passed away a week in. Now, we didn’t know Shadow was male until 2 months in when we took him to the vet. So for a while we thought Shadow as a ‘she’.

He is a great kitty and is probably one of the best we could have. He has never really been around any other animals which makes him a bit isolated and only used to being around people but that’s okay. He is scared of cardboard sounds and vacuums but is the best kitty.

So that’s the story of how we got our cat. We love him and his derpy, cute, smallness.

Enjoy some of the following pictures of our fur baby.

Stay tuned for the next post related to pet care and our kitty.


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