Fresh start!

Hi friends! This is my latest and greatest!

Not only for my blog but in my life. I’m hoping that even though it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve tried to start and attempted a few goals this year, I should really set my mind on one obtainable one. Regardless of circumstances. This goal is to document and share bits and pieces of my life.

This year started off in Japan— with my husband that is! We spent out honeymoon in Japan. It was a wonderful experience.

As I write this I can happily say we got married almost a year ago. A December wedding to be exact and ever since, our life has just been moving forward so quickly. Don’t get me wrong it’s all been a great experience! Not always easy but totally worth it.

He got a job he loves and we moved to a place we are falling in love with! From Miami to Rochester, NY!!

The scenes here are gorgeous take a look at this shot for yourself!

I really must get out and shoot some more (I say that to myself too often and don’t do it)

I feel I let myself down so much that I stop thinking about the things I want to do.

I need to be more accountable and I’m hoping this time I can stick to my blog!

I will be posting more reviews, home decor purchases ( I love!!), Personal hauls and mostly anything about the journeys of being A New Kind of Thomson.. —- hence the name of the blog!

Thanks for stopping by–


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