Best Go-To Deodorant

img_4864-2Do you guys go through several deodorants a year just to find that you never really stick to one?

I sure used to!

Body odor is influenced by many factors, it can be environmental, genetic or overall hygiene. Body odor is usually an unpleasant odor that we try to mask. Herein lies the problem, we mustn’t mask it we must neutralize it. It took me a while to realize that I can really hide what my body odor is but I can for sure tackle it with something to neutralize it.

That is why i want to share with you all the best deodorant I personally have ever had the luck of discovering for myself. 

Secret Invisible Solid:  Destinations Australia – Eucalyptus Blossom (formerly known as Secret Natural Minerals Eucalyptus Blossom)

Check out my video where I talk about my most favorite, all time go-to deodorant which includes prior experiences and my journey to find this gem.

Here’s a short review of the product:

Price: $4-9 (depending on where you buy it)


Smells good
Neutralizes the odors
Application in the morning lasts all throughout the day
Affordable price


Since this is a powdery deodorant it can leave white marks on dark clothing, but hey so can other deodorants.

If you haven’t found the deodorant that does the job for you, I totally recommend this deodorant to you. Let me know your experience, it would make me happy to hear your personal experience with one of my favorites.

Overall Product Rating: 5/5
Also, you can find the product if you click here.

Leave a comment with your go-to deodorant!

Keep learning, keep smiling


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