Getting Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

A hairy situation (ZAP)!

Side note: School has caught up but I want to take the time to write about my Laser Hair removal experience! Now I want to start with the basics.

The reason I considered laser hair removal was.. well.. I dislike hair that shouldn’t be there (or at least I feel shouldn’t be).

Alternative methods: Now the methods of hair removal I have tried throughout my ‘hair removing years’ have been, shaving, tweezing, waxing and creme hair removal such as Nair and Veet (the stinkiest of all).

Yes I still do tweeze, wax and shave just not the areas that I have/am treating with laser.

Consideration: I began to consider laser hair removal as an option after my best friend told me that she was getting it done and I actually saw how well it had worked (her hair later came back though :|). However, I must say that the most discouraging part of all this was not the pain but the cost she told me she was paying about $900-$1,000. WHAT?!? Laser treatment can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. I only have a part-time job, and I’m also a student but I was so tired of dealing with ingrown hairs (those painful m—effers)

Darn you ingrown hairs!!

Ingrown hairs were the biggest motivators and mostly because of the pain and later the scars they leave from picking at them. (not to mention how ugly and uncomfortable they can be.)

When did I start?: I was 19 at the time that my research began and by 20 I had begun my first sessions of laser hair removal. Yep, the brazilian bikini it was. Since then I’ve started upper lip and underarms. I must say that I am not the hairiest of people but what girl likes to be hairy? Sure you can embrace the hair but that’s not my style.

Now laser hair removal has come a long way from when it started, and I don’t think it’s as painful as it used to be.

The machine I chose to use at the Laser Spa I went to was the following:
Soprano XL

Pain levels: I can’t speak for everyone else but it really just depends on how much pain you can handle but for the most part there hasn’t been an experience I haven’t been able to deal with. The amount of joules used depends on your skin tone and condition of it. As the sessions continue they increase in order to really get those hairs!

Disclosure: The first time I got my Brazilian Bikini done it was sensitive and I found that the most difficult section to get the hairs from was also the most uncomfortable. I only did 6 sessions because that is all that my Groupon provided me with. The hair grew back a few months later because although my hair was growing less and almost nothing on the top area it needed more sessions. This time around I am doing more sessions and hoping to get rid of all the hair even the lip area (not going to lie, this part makes tears trickle down my cheeks).

Costs?: I mentioned before that I worked part-time and I’m a student!? Why, yes. Thankfully Groupon exists. I used a Groupon to book and appointment with a Laser Spa place. I really wanted to get this done. You should definitely look into the review of the location and the credibility. What do they offer for what you are paying for an compare locations.

What should you expect?: The first time I went it was really simple, I had done my research about the location and the machine I would like for them to use on me. Once the technician knew what to start me on (level of joules) she applied a cold gel onto the area that would be treated (oh! they ask you to shave a day prior to going to the session, same day can cause it to hurt due to minor irritation. I also recommend you not to wax or pluck a few weeks prior since essentially the laser machine is targeting the root of the follicle to prevent growth). You wear protective goggles and lay back and let the machine do the work. The area will start to get warm, that is the laser working. Once the technician is done you get cleaned and depending on the area apply sunscreen since you should avoid much sun exposure on that area while doing laser hair treatment. Thankfully, I have not experience any adverse side effects due to the laser treatments but that all really depends on how sensitive your skin is.

This is after four sessions of underarm hair removal still some to go.

Previous to going I had seen videos on Youtube that show each individual hair being treated and I thought it would be like that. But his laser machine is as if they are using a roller deodorant over the area and it gets hot (thankfully the cooling gel help even if it gets hot in the process), this is why I prefer this machine.

What I have learned?

Different parts of the body take different amount of sessions. The face requires at least 10-12 sessions (according to the technicians), other parts of the body requires from 8-10 session but 10 to be safe. (this is from experience) Thinner hairs are apparently more difficult to get rid of since the laser doesn’t catch them all.

Closing note:

If this is something you want to try, and have the funds to do so they why not? I gave it a go and don’t regret it since then I’ve kinda been hooked to get rid of all the hair I don’t like haha shhh. However, I’m so grateful those ingrown hairs are gone. I recommend it to anyone that is having issues with hair or simply just want to get rid of hair. Even my younger sister began and I’m pretty sure she is as hooked as I am.

If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Until next time,


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