Learning 한글 (Korean)

Where do I start?
I’m almost done with Uni course work and I decide it would be a great idea to take a Korean language course.

I would love to go teach in South Korea! I figured I could start getting to know the culture and the language before taking on that journey.

Don’t get me wrong I was really excited to take this class, I really do want to learn the language and about the culture. However, I shortly realized how much this would impact my GPA if I didn’t do well.

With only 1 semester left to graduate I took on this challenge.
I’m determined to do well but from English to Spanish it wasn’t too hard for me since I have so much exposure here where I live but to learn Korean has become another feat.

It’s so challenging! 파이팅!💪🏼💪🏼
So far I have been doing pretty mediocre on my quizzes and my first exam was just recently.

Quizzes (8)

  1. 75%
  2. 92%
  3. 50% 😓

Exams (3)

  1. pending

I have the textbook/workbook as well as use the kleartextbook site that has slides and audio. These are really helpful since my professor doesn’t really review after a quiz.

If you guys have any resources that could possibly aid me please comment!
I will be updating on how the course is going! Wish me luck!



Update 9/30/15: Good news! Today in class the professor spoke to us on how she will allow us another try at the first exam and that she will begin to focus on the class learning the words rather than writing sentences so much. I suppose she realized that we really are novice students. That is why many of us were doing so horribly on the quizzes/exams.

It’s this Friday so hopefully I do well!

Update: 11/8/15

So after much consideration I decided to stay in the class. I have been studying much more. But I am glad I did not drop. I had a rough start but hopefully can make it out with a passing score. I did well on the oral midterm and have also performed well on the subsequent exams/quizzes. The most challenging part is taking the time to actually learn the words. I don’t really have anyone to practice the language with. The school also doesn’t offer lab hours to practice. So that sucks.

This upcoming Friday is one of the last quizzes. I am grateful to be doing well, it takes a little bit off my stress.

Wish me luck until the end of the semester!


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