Skyla IUD Review & Experience

Back in February 2015 I decided I would change up the method I used for birth control and switched to the Skyla IUD. Prior to this decision, I had been using Yasmin. It worked relatively well for me and that’s why I hadn’t changed it for 3 years.

A little background: I started to take birth control shortly after I turned 18 (and no, my parents did not know). My parents always warned me to be careful and the typical spiel of safe sex (don’t get me wrong safe sex is really important, whether in a relationship or not) but they never approached me with methods to protect myself aside from condoms. Not only that, ever since I started my period I never had a regular cycle. See, I would get my period one month and for another 3 months I wouldn’t get another… I took matter into my own hands ,literally. I began my daily pill popping life on April 2012. Anyhow, I finally found the solution to this irregular period situation. Oh! It was also during this time that I became “sexually active” (whatever that means lol) that I began to visit the OB/GYN.

Once I began to take Yasmin a few months in I became regular for the first time. I was actually glad (also it avoid those “oh shit could I be pregs” scares). It was great! protection AND regular periods. But over time I noticed that minor side effects ere arising, I didn’t feel that sex drive that a 19-20 year old should have and sometimes I couldn’t self lubricate as I think I should. OMG DUDE! what’s wrong with me?!? My thoughts on the side effects I kind of set that aside… since situations and relationship in my life were pretty awful at the time and sex was no longer something that was really on my mind.

Also ladies and gentlemen, please be sure that if you decide to have bare sex (no condoms) that the person you are with is healthy. Get yourself checked, get THEM checked. Many times we get into the heat of passion and it’s overlooked. Trust me when I say this can save you headaches, heartaches, time, money, and most importantly your health. You can get a minor infection but sometimes it can be serious and you may go days, weeks or months without noticing.

The Decision: This year I felt that I needed a change especially because I had grown bored and annoyed of the routine of taking pills and the decreased libido is no joke ladies (and gentlemen). I wanted to have the protection as well as enjoyment. My desire for change also came around this time since I was in a relationship 😉 . Contraceptives should be an inhibition, therefore, with the reasons I stated earlier about Yasmin my doctor suggested the Skyla IUD. Now, I decided to get this done because although it was new on the market it’s the smallest IUD, it’s good for 3 years, it’s safe for women and teens that haven’t had a baby and I no longer had to remember to take the pill. I was also looking forward to my libido to come back as well as other things.

The Process: Getting the IUD was not painful but I would advise on taking an ibuprofen just in case an hour before the procedure. (I had major cramping and minor bleeding). Prior to placing it in they tell you what you can expect once it’s in. One thing they tell you is that you won’t gain weight because it’s such a small dose of hormones, one thing they didn’t really mention is that you may get recurring infections. Once it was in that is what I HATED about it. For months the recurring infections were hell, torture (c’mon ladies we all know that a yeast infection is no fun especially when they turn to BV (bacterial vaginosis), think of it this way “yeast infection – treatment – YAY sex again – infection 😦 “. It’s so detrimental to your sex life. It got to the point that my sex life had to be almost sterile.  We are talking about a tiny device in your uterus that is releasing a small dose of hormones causing this havoc, but you can’t just remove it on your own. I was also not getting my period, which they said may or may not happen but I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen since it’s even more unnatural to not menstruate. Other than that I was all fine. (I did gain 10 pounds but there will be an update when I have substantial evidence that it was caused by the Skyla)

All in all Skyla was effective as well as convenient but when it came down to control of my body that was in the hands of my doctor. It was either get it out or keep on dealing with the infections.

Today, August 14,2015 I have removed the device and hope to feel much better. Sometimes our body will try to tell us things and it’s our job to listen to it.

Check out my video on the Skyla IUD were I talk a little bit more about it:

Update: August 16,2015, It has been two days since the removal of the IUD and though I did not bleed or spot right after or the day after the removal, I am full on bleeding today. I am not sure how much or for how long I will be bledding. I will be updating the blog post as well as making a video on my channel regarding the removal and hoI’ve been doing without it. So far I been feeling well
Update: September 29,2015, It has been a little over a month since my last update but guy the infections have stopped thankfully and what a relief.

I just finished my second period after the IUD removal. It feels like this time around I bled a lot but not for very long 3-4 days. My time between my periods we about <42 days. I have decided to not get start taking birth control. I want to really let my body breath from the hormones. I will start taking them again if I feel they are necessary.

Also! I have been eating better and exercising but it helps that I don’t feel super bloated. I will update soon enough, take care lovely people!


2 thoughts on “Skyla IUD Review & Experience

  1. I’m having Skyla iud removed this Thursday I had since 11/28/2015 and besides the major mood and energy side effects.. My hair has been effected I’m hoping that my hair will go back to normal and grow back be thick again


    1. I’m so sorry you experienced that. I’m sure once the device is removed and your hormones are given some time to go back to what they used to be, you hair will begin to grow thick again. I went back to my regular self after 1-2 months removal of the device.

      Best of luck 🙂


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